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The Collaborative Team

A Collaborative team is the combination of legal, mental health and financial professionals that you choose to work with to resolve your dispute.  Your “Collaborative team” will guide and support you as problem-solvers, not as adversaries.  Collaborative Professionals offer very specialized services, having undergone extensive training in their respective areas, as well as in collaborative mediation methods and procedures.

The Legal Aspect:

Reno divorce attorneys handle the legal aspects of the divorce to ensure that all arrangements are proper, legal and binding.

The Financial Aspect:

Financial specialists are CPAs, Certified Financial Planners™ or Certified Divorce Financial Analysts who specialize in the financial and tax aspects of divorce. Their purpose is to help both parties reach a mutually acceptable financial agreement while assisting in making manageable, long-term decisions.

The Emotional Aspect:

Mental health professionals may include a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychologist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker who functions as a Divorce Coach. In this capacity, the Coach helps teach problem–solving and communication skills to facilitate productive dialog and moving through impasses. The Coach may also address ways to deal with stress or emotional issues that can arise during the process.

Cases with children may also employ a mental health professional in the role of a Child Specialist to assess and communicate the unique needs of each child.