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Benefits To Children In A Collaborative Divorce

The children in a couple’s divorce can become the unintended victims of suffering, having the least ability and experience to cope with personal and emotional distress. However, there is a healthier and more effective process that separating parents can use to divorce, where they are always in charge of their own mutually agreed upon resolution.

How to Divorce and Stay Out of Court

How to Divorce and Stay Out of Court One of the key features of a Collaborative Divorce is the parties agree, up front, to a process where they will work things out and not resort to filing a divorce case against each other.  A local group called Nevada Collaborative Divorce Professionals (“NCDP”) helps people learn

How are Taxes Handled During a Divorce?

There are many factors that determine how you will file your taxes in the final year of marriage and after you are divorced. Depending on whether you are divorced by 11:59 p.m. on December 31st or not will determine whether you can file married filing joint, married filing separate, single, or head of household. The IRS