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collaborative divorce process

Is Collaborative Practice Right for You?

The Collaborative process is helpful in the majority of situations given that it helps the parties resolve disputes in a more efficient, supportive, and respectful manner.  It also enables the parties to reach customized personal agreements.  Further, the Collaborative model addresses the legal aspects of divorce while also providing the help of a Coach and the efficiency of neutral professionals.

There are some situations, however, in which this model may not be indicated. For example, in situations in which one or both parties have been physically violent, or when one of the parties is domineering over the other party, it may be too difficult for one or the other to sit together during negotiations.  On the other hand, the collaborative process may be very helpful in such situations given the close oversight and support of the open team model.

Moreover, if serious mental health and/or serious drug or alcohol issues exist, additional specialized services and care may be required in addition to the collaborative process to facilitate divorce proceedings.

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